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We have the perfect layout for recording. From choosing the right microphone and camera angle for your specific podcast to having a comfortable backdrop from which to work, we will work with you to ensure that you have everything you need to record. 


Green Shell has a full-service podcast production group available for all of your production needs. Our goal is to help you make your podcast stand out both in quality and impact! 


Once you have finished recording, leave the rest to us! We have the technology and skills to enhance your recording to a professional level. All voices heard will be balanced and even, with minimal to no background noise. Need to rerecord a line? Edit out an unfortunate word choice? No problem! We will work with you until you are satisfied with the finished product.


At Green Shell, we take your recordings and transform them into a mono, stereo, or surround-sound format. Using a combination of programs and equipment, we integrate and balance the different sounds from your single or multi-level recordings to create a single professional cohesive track.


Our engineers are ready to help with the final step in preparing your music for release. We quality check every aspect of your track, adjusting levels, enhancing effects, and monitoring for any unwanted noise. Your final product will be tested to ensure it is ready for different listening venues and will be ready for distribution.

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